Fiduciary Fundamentals


Fiduciary Fundamentals for Advisors -  

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What is Fiduciary Fundamentals? Fiduciary Fundamentals is an educational program for plan advisors, retirement plan fiduciaries, and others involved in the defined contribution investment process. Developed in partnership with Fi360, this program is designed to help plan advisors and plan sponsors alike understand the importance of fiduciary education and fiduciary decision-making.

As part of the program, we offer plan-level fiduciaries access to Fi360's training course, Fiduciary Essentials® for Defined Contribution Plans (FEDC), which covers the scope of their fiduciary responsibilities and best practices for fulfilling those duties.

Why should advisors offer Fiduciary Fundamentals?

  • Improve client satisfaction and retention rates by offering a unique value-add training service.
  • Differentiate your client service experience by offering fiduciary training as a core component.
  • Reduce risk to your practice through improved fiduciary awareness by your clients.
  • Increase access to prospective clients by leveraging fiduciary training as a door opener.
  • Promote your commitment to industry standards and best practices.