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Global Retirement Partners is dedicated to becoming a leading retirement plan consulting firm. As an exclusive group, its advisors represent experienced institutional consultants in the retirement planning business. Our sole focus is to position our advisors to deliver the high caliber products and services to institutional and individual clients while strategically growing their practices. Global Retirement Partners is focused on delivering services that set our advisors apart when working with their clients and their firm’s/employee’s needs.

As a retirement plan-focused financial advisor, you have a passion for delivering objective, unbiased guidance to plan sponsors and their participants. At Global Retirement Partners, we are committed to helping financial advisors pursue success by keeping this objective squarely in mind.


Our exclusive network of advisors is an excellent resource for successful marketing ideas. Productive and sustainable marketing programs are often shared amongst peers. GRP facilitates an open and productive environment for advisors to share best practices. Advisors may also benefit from the business relationships that GRP has developed with sponsor firms.


Our experienced staff and advisors comprise a unique and deeply seasoned bench that may act as a resource for plan design assistance. From the most simple to the very complex, GRP’s seasoned advisors have been part of the evolution of the defined contribution market and continue to push innovation and excellence with creative solutions to help plan sponsors maximize their retirement plan experience.

Plan Design Functions Offered: 

  • Strategies to optimize employer contributions
  • Assistance with 404(c) investment guidelines and other legislative and regulatory changes
  • Electronic management and transmittal of payroll, loan and other transactions
  • Automation – paperless enrollment and online employee access
  • Analysis of auto enrollment, safe harbor, and auto increase provisions
  • Evaluation of qualification and eligibility processes and issues
  • Support services and educational resources to streamline administration


Worksite Financial Solutions is a comprehensive, beginning-to-end solution that helps employees pursue their lifelong financial goals. Unlike many programs, Worksite Financial Solutions is based on delivering tailored workplace education, supported by qualified Global Retirement Partners’ member firms who are fully committed to providing holistic advice to each employee. Along with the customized guidance, employees can access a comprehensive suite of online tools delivering knowledge they can implement right away.

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Advisors may provide participant education through various means, and a notable and successful program available is through a strategic partnership with GRP Advisor Alliance and Financial Finesse which delivers a broad set of assessment and educational materials for employees. A Global Retirement Partners’ advisors has a vast array of tools and services to provide up-to- date information and learning opportunities to plan participants.

Online Financial Learning Center 

Employees may have 24-hour access to the Financial Learning Center to find the resources they need to make important financial decisions at their convenience.

Online Employee Financial Wellness Assessment

Employees will have access to a personalized Financial Wellness Assessment to gauge their overall financial wellness and identify their key financial vulnerabilities. They will also be able to design and implement a customized, step-by- step action plan to help improve their personal financial situation.

Workforce Wellness Assessment Report

The Workforce Financial Wellness Assessment Report—generated from participants’ survey responses—provides a detailed breakdown of employees’ financial wellness, key vulnerabilities and key financial priorities by demographic (age, income, location and gender) that can help gauge key education needs in vital areas of financial planning.

Recommended Education Plan

The Recommended Education Plan provides a customized education plan that includes a breakdown of participants’ financial wellness, recommended workshops and schedule for the program.

Ongoing Benchmarking

The employer receives annual reporting and analysis of employees’ progress throughout the program, with recommendations for adapting the education as needed.


With growing scrutiny on plan sponsors over potential or perceived ERISA violations, Global Retirement Partners’ advisors provide plan sponsors with a variety of benchmarking options to help streamline the process of selecting and monitoring plan providers.

Taking into account the plan sponsors’ staff demographics and retirement plan goals and objectives, Global Retirement Partners’ advisors evaluate an employer’s current investment portfolio and plan provider and offers recommendations for improvements in cost, compliance, technology offerings, service and support.

Global Retirement Partners’ advisors then assists in the analysis and selection process of a provider that aligns with the identified needs of the organization and its employees.

Finally, Global Retirement Partners’ advisors take a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing provider services through an ongoing benchmarking process that measures participation levels and overall performance.


Global Retirement Partners’ advisors have the confidence in knowing they have access to compliance insight from a team of experienced industry veterans including two former FINRA examiners. Global Retirement Partners also offers compliance education/assistance from an in- house former ERISA attorney.


Global Retirement Partners’ advisors leverage an accurate revenue reporting system and a seasoned staff to help ensure that advisors remunerated for their activities promptly and correctly. We are available to help answer questions, explain transactions, and assist with streamlining your business activities.